Route 66 – or how we drove from SF to Chicago

September 2, 2008

Hey y’all. This is just a quick picture update since we still don’t have internet at home. We’re on our way to check out some of the waterfalls in the area. It’s been a week and we haven’t unpacked a thing due to repainting. It’s been easier to move and cover boxes than all of our belongings. The bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom have been repainted. The living room is the last in line, but we may wait a bit for that. At least until we move the majority of our stuff into the first three rooms.

So, onto pictures. This grouping is from SF to Chicago via: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. I still can’t believe we made it and that we’re on the other side of the country. I’ll post pictures of our yard and apartment as soon as I get all the trip/ wedding in Chicago pictures up.


That’s part one, more driving photos to come.


One comment

  1. really love the yak, and was that a robot yurt/teepee? hmmmm….

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