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July 31, 2008

well, Dev and i had to make a deal. after today, i’m no longer allowed to read two Bukowski books in a row.

if i’m ever a mean ol’ grumpy man, ask me what i’m reading.


Summer Version 3.0 or No excuses now that yer a grown-up

June 1, 2008

First things first, I’d like to wish Gabe a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! I have a good month and a half to give him grief…you know, before it’s MY turn.

Dev and I are going to go camping in Yosemite for a long weekend at the end of July. I’ve been knocking aroung a few ideas of things I wanted to do for my birthday: renting a house boat on Shasta Lake, driving to LA, and camping/ fishing somewhere else. Once I realized how close Yosemite is, that clinched it. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by this for four days?

image borrowed from Steven Pinker’s Photos of the American West I / Mirror Lake @ Yosemite

I even bought a new fishing rod yesterday. The longer I live/ work in the City, the more I realize how I wouldn’t ever be able to settle down here. Nevermind the fact that we couldn’t ever afford a house OR land. The cheapest property out here would be a studio (400 sq ft) condo for 250K. Really, that’s cheap…and INSANE!

Today is a beautiful day. There’s a BBQ (or “BBQ” as I’ve been calling it because it’s vegetarian) at Dev’s house today. Hopefully her neighborhood is as warm as Oakland.

Have a great rest of yer weekend.