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midnight in Arid-zona

August 17, 2008

you know, driving through the desert in summer…not too bright. (especially, without A/C and three cats.)
we wrapped a couple bags of ice in plastic bags and situated them between the cat carriers. it shouldn’t be a repeat tomorrow. according to the forecast, we’ve already traveled through the hottest part. at 8 pm, i could put my hand out the window and it still felt like a hair dryer. doesn’t this place ever cool down?

yes. in the hotel room. the cats are getting along fine, although still a little doped up. Busta and Chester are growling and hissing, but no one wants to make the first move.

oh, and if you were wondering where the “purple mountains majesty” are…there’s some awesome examples by Needles, CA. or somewhere thereabouts.

i’m not sure where i packed my camera cable, so no pictures online yet. soon.


Say Yes…

June 28, 2008

I did it. I popped the question. I’m still so shakey almost 5 hours later. I’m ENGAGED! I love Dev with a bit more of my being every single day, who knew that was possible? Besides, I know that this really doesn’t come to as a surprise to anyone who has seen the two of us together. We’re the same person, really. And I give thanks every day that I’m blessed to be a part of her life.

So, here is it as it happened. I really truely proposed in a photobooth. surprise! (this will require some scrolling)

and the alternate plan….

but, I wanted to catch that first look of shock. heh. and yes, she started crying and I started laughing. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect reaction.

I’m so happy!


100% pie

June 19, 2008

We’ve been joking about Dev’s percentage meter for how positive she’s feeling at the moment while making a decision. I’ve been prodding her as to how’s she feeling about a major issue we’ve been talking about for the past week or so. The only answer I get? A percentage. Being that this choice is mostly positive, Dev started out high at 70%. Not too bad. Last night, after some very significant talks with her friends, she reached a full 100%. She baked this amazing strawberry-rubarb (my favorite…well at least tied with peach) 100% celebration pie.

She is so amazing.


penny collecting and posing as tourists…

March 24, 2008

wow. what a day! not to get incredibly saccharine sweet on y’all,but i am madly in love with my darlin’. every day just keeps getting better and better and today was just perfect.

so, what’s the deal? you may ask. well, today was a special adventure day. remember how we started dating with those? well, now that the weather has broken and it’s warm spring again…well, it’s time for Devorah and I to start having our weekly outside adventures again.

we recently found out something that we have in common. an odd obsession for smashed pennies. you know the types that you crank by hand at tourist traps? well, both Dev and I have a collection, but we figured it’s time for us to start a collection together. that was the adventure for today – San Francisco smashed pennies!

Dev had found a listing of all the smashed penny machines on (which is actually a good place to check out. especially, to see how much more obsessive people are about collections)

there are so many machines in the City, we figured we’d work on neighborhoods. today was Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf.

enjoy the pics:

we started with a walk around Lake Merritt in Oakland and breakfast as one of our usual (special occasion) crepe places.

just in-case you can’t figure out what view makes a good photo….

we got 54 pennies smashed!

and on the journey we went to Musee Mechanique (which was probably the mother-lode as far as penny smashing machines go) and had some photo-booth pictures taken.

one of Dev’s favorites.

and my favorite!

so, that’s about it for my weekend. i hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday.



time to start planting

March 19, 2008

i just got over being sick. i’m not sure if i’m suffering from allergies or what, but on saturday i was down for the count. i’m feeling better now, but it was a few terrible weak feeling days.

after a few full days of sleep, i felt refreshed (even if i wasn’t up to par yet). enough so, that Devorah and i started putting in the garden.

we had to weed everything out and tear vines. not to mention the trip on the bus with a 40lb bag of top soil/ manure mix. yep, we’re hardcore.

unfortunately, Flora Grubb Gardens only had 4 different types of tomatoes. we picked up two, but waited on the the rest because i really want to find a starter for a yellow/ orange breed.

i had so much fun out in the yard with Dev. she’s so adorable.


we took mom’s car out for a spin

March 2, 2008

well, i’m going to keep this post brief since i’m still trying to get everything in order for our trip east.

last weekend we hung out with a fellow Ritual barista, Rajeev, and his girlfriend Sarah. lemme tell you, nothing beats riding in a convertible on a spring-like February afternoon. we had a blast and headed out to the ocean and to our usual spot, the sutro baths.

enjoy the pics. i’ll be trying to update from Rochester, so keep checking in for frostbitten posts.


how can we deal when 60s feel cold?

February 24, 2008

hey all!

we’re going to be in the Rochester/ Boston/ Vermont area in less than TWO WEEKS. it’s probably a good thing that we’re travelling during the winter since it’ll keep us from wanting to move east. no more snow thank you very much. i’m so over it.

i had bought tickets for the Dolly Parton concert in Boston, but unfortunately it’s been postponed until May. it’s cool. Dev’s sister and brother-in-law are in Bean-town and they’re expecting their first baby. so, i’m sure this is just the first trip of many to come for Dev. i’m so stoked to see friends in Rochester again. it’s odd how much i miss that place, not that i would EVER move back, but i do miss things about the area. i’m thinking about driving to Canada so Dev can see Niagara Falls for the first time.

eh, i don’t really feel like writing too much now. i’ll make up for it with photo-booth pictures. these are some examples of how well we clean up. ie: haircuts were long overdue.


one of my favorites.