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wow…just wow!

August 6, 2008

The concert was so much fun! 62 years old and still putting on a hell of a show. there were two one hour sets with a break in between and one encore. I’m so glad that we were able to enjoy this concert with Gabe and Mae before the move.

I’ve already been on trying to find clips of the show. this was one of my favorites: (embedding is disabled, so click the link!)

Dolly Parton @ The Greek Theatre UC Berkeley

Dev’s mom, Maiyim, came to town last night. I’m going to try to pick up as much overtime in these next two days as I can, but I hope I can make it over for dinner too. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to visit with her after the move, but hopefully it won’t be too long. We’ll be gearing up for the engagement party (west coast version) this Sunday. A week after that and we’ll be on the road…but let’s not think about that now. There’s still so much packing to do!


a new camera and a day off…

January 30, 2008

i found a cheap 5.0 megapixtel camera on ebay to replace my 2.0 megapixel that is currently held together with duct tape.

i hate when i’m trying to type these posts up and i forget what happened on the farthest day from today. i’m racking my brains!

anyway, here’s a bunch of pictures for reminders:


-i spent the whole morning drawing. i needed to get back into the routine of it all again. i’m working on 50 small scale drawings for a show in April
-BART into the City
-T train to Ritual #2

Dev makes up a macchiato. This is how they should look, NOT like the last one i posted. disregard that filth!

this is Dev’s view at work. i always take pictures of her behind the bar, but i don’t think you get the idea of how gorgeous the space is. now you know.

-raced down the street in the rain to catch the bus
-stopped to pick up wine and groceries for dinner
-Dev whips up spaghetti and sauce. not from a jar. she’s amazing…

she’s trying to sprout more avacados. i have two myself, but no sprouts yet.

red shirt? check. crazy hair? check.

we keep forgetting to bring some wood in to dry. since, in california, winter means bucket loads of rain. i managed to start a fire, but also managed to smoke us out of the living room too.


i really don’t miss the snow. honestly. i’d much rather have this as my first view in the morning.
wouldn’t you?

so, after sleeping in for a bit we decided to check out a new coffee shop in town with Dev’s friend Sita. Blue Bottle opened up a new cafe within walking distance from my job. which is nice since i pass 5 starbucks on the 3 blocks from BART to the gallery. seriously. it’s disgusting. but, Blue Bottle? it’s gorgeous. definitely i bit more swanky that i’d prefer, but it’s a hell of a lot better than supporting charbucks.

cold coffee drip system.

one single origin espresso, one blend espresso, and one pot of coffee later. a bit shakey.

Sita put together a little sculpture with our coffee pot.

much much better after coffee.

of course, at this point we realized we were freaking out and needed some food in our guts to counteract the caffiene. prepare yourselves. i found my new favourite eating spot. perfect for bringing out my “inner fat man”. the Hard Knox Cafe. oh. my. i. am. in. love.

yes. that’s country fried steak. and mac and cheese. and potato salad. and collard greens. and yams. yes, please and thank you.

that’s it for now. Dev’s birthday is tuesday and she already got a present from me today. i’ll post pictures once i take one.

until then.


it’s a little breezy in the City

January 4, 2008

so, have you heard about the crazy winter storm hitting California? yeah, they’re not kidding.

managed to run out from under the awning as it came down. from across the street i watched it rip off the security camera from the building and the street sign, and smash into the back of a van. i don’t know why CPK let it go for so long. some guys came outside while it was still flapping around and just went back inside.

i bought a rain suit on my lunch break.


a day off in san jose

October 28, 2007

friday was the big adventure day. i’ve been planning a trip to san jose for the past week or so. it all started on one evening when Dev and i were catching BART home and we saw a billboard for the Body Worlds exhibit at the Tech Museum.
i wish i would have taken more picture, but it was one of those days that just gets away from you. i’m just going to borrow from google images if i need to show you something.

like this:

this is the tech museum in San Jose.

did i mention that we took a greyhound bus? no? it was awesome. i had to pick up the tickets an hour early and managed to walk to the station A LOT quicker than i thought i would. so, i had to sit around for an hour and half. i tried to buy some coffee from a vending machine, but i ended up just receiving the creamer in hot water. luckily Dev was right on time and had a bit of coffee to share until we reached our destination.

it’s a pretty quick trip, only about an hour. of course, neither one of us wrote down the directions to the museum, so we were able to investigate downtown san jose for a bit. we were lucky enough to run into the weekly farmer’s market. Dev introduced me to jujubes and persimmons, both that taste nothing like i thought they would.

this is a jujube

this is a persimmon

the exhibit was pretty amazing. i think we were probably the only people on a date at the museum, but i suppose that suits us well.

when we got back to oakland, Dev showed me some of the beets that she had just harvested and were about to become dinner.

she decided on steamed beets and greens with a salad and we picked up some spring rolls from the Whole Foods across the street.

it was pretty tasty.

Dev got to spend some quality time with Biggles while i was putting the salad together.

all in all, a great day off of work and an awesome adventure in san jose.

i start my big boy job tomorrow, so i’ll let you know how that works out too.


so, i’m officially a grown up now…

October 20, 2007

i had an interview scheduled for today, but didn’t want to talk about it on the last post for fear of jinxing it. yup that’s right, jinxing…and yes i believe in stuff like that.

how’d it go, you ask? amazingly well. in total i spent 3 hours at the Weinstein Gallery meeting with various members of the staff AND the owner. it was a bit frightening at first, but once we started talking and i realized…Hey, i do have knowledge in this department…i was set.

and i got it.

for reals. my very first out of college so it’s about time you start paying off your credit cards and student loans without having to live on ramen and tuna fish job. it’s a REAL job. with multi-million dollar clients and multi-million dollar houses that i have to travel to in order to install multi-million dollar artworks on their walls.

i’m a bit nervous about working with stuff that is this pricey. seriously, there’s no such thing as a cheap mistake. anyway, between hanging shows and building frames, this is totally my dream job. ie: this is my career path and i’m completely and utterly lucky to be able to start out this high in the game.

and i’ll be making grown up money. so, that doesn’t hurt. although, i’m sure the new tax bracket will. i’ve been told that i’m offically middle-class now. don’t know how i feel about that, usually used to being below poverty level, but hey…i’ve gotta pay off those pesky student loans in a month so i’m not complaining.

there’s some pictures of the building i was in for my interview in this article


adventure at the albany bulb – (picture heavy post)

October 18, 2007

well, it didn’t rain today which meant we went to the Albany Bulb rather than taking the F to see sealions. basically, the albany bulb is a bayfill / land fill. only in california would a pile of debris look gorgeous.

it was definitely worth the wait.

there was a part that was bascially a tide pool. i got to check out barnacles and crabs in person. pretty cool for mid-october.

i found a pretty good explaination of the bulb here if you’d like to read up on the history. and you should.

i don’t feel like updating too much today, because i think i’ll have more to write about tomorrow. so, i’ll just leave you with a picture of the dinner Gabe whipped up last night. chicken with mole sauce. as good as it looks.


feeling under the weather, but at least we had breakfast for dinner

October 7, 2007

yeah, i’m sick. actually, the whole house is now. Mae wasn’t feeling well when she came back from her business trip to LA and now Gabe and i have something too. he’s got the sneeze/cough action while i’m rockin’ the fatigue / chills side. i was able to get out of work a bit early and actually had to walk my bike to BART because i felt so woozy. speaking of, did you see my new bike? i’m loving it. it’s about 15 pounds lighter than my old commuter. that may be an exaggeration, but not by much. carrying a bike up/down flights of stair to the train is not fun. not with a super heavy steel bike with touring racks.

i found it on Craigslist for a steal, all i had to do was take BART down to Hayward, only a 25 minute ride.

oh! i forgot to mention that this past thursday marked a month that i’ve been in california. i still can’t believe i’m here and i still can’t believe how awesome the weather is. i know there is some crazy heat wave going on in the rest of the country, but it’s been steady low-mid 70s here. plus, october is the nicest/warmest month in california. don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret. so, last thursday gabe and went to the beach, i haven’t gone out there yet since the move so it was much needed.
san francisco is known for it’s micro climates, which basically means a HUGE difference in weather in place that may only be a few blocks apart. it was breezy at the beach, definitely chilly until we walked up by the old sutro baths.