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wow…just wow!

August 6, 2008

The concert was so much fun! 62 years old and still putting on a hell of a show. there were two one hour sets with a break in between and one encore. I’m so glad that we were able to enjoy this concert with Gabe and Mae before the move.

I’ve already been on trying to find clips of the show. this was one of my favorites: (embedding is disabled, so click the link!)

Dolly Parton @ The Greek Theatre UC Berkeley

Dev’s mom, Maiyim, came to town last night. I’m going to try to pick up as much overtime in these next two days as I can, but I hope I can make it over for dinner too. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to visit with her after the move, but hopefully it won’t be too long. We’ll be gearing up for the engagement party (west coast version) this Sunday. A week after that and we’ll be on the road…but let’s not think about that now. There’s still so much packing to do!



August 5, 2008

Dev, Gabe and his wife Mae, and i are going to see Dolly Parton tonight. i’m so excited! we’ve been planning on seeing her since our last trip east, but her show in Boston was cancelled when she hurt her back. a few weeks later i saw that she had added more stops on her tour, including the Bay Area.
we picked up tickets for Gabe and Mae for his birthday, since we figured they would probably be hesitant of spending because of the upcoming move.

everything is flying by, really. i think this concert was the mid-point of my “list of important things before the move – including the move”. right? after this there’s just my last day of work (this Friday) and the Engagement Party (this Sunday). then that’s it. time to pack and clean and pack some more.

but, let’s not think about that:


100% pie

June 19, 2008

We’ve been joking about Dev’s percentage meter for how positive she’s feeling at the moment while making a decision. I’ve been prodding her as to how’s she feeling about a major issue we’ve been talking about for the past week or so. The only answer I get? A percentage. Being that this choice is mostly positive, Dev started out high at 70%. Not too bad. Last night, after some very significant talks with her friends, she reached a full 100%. She baked this amazing strawberry-rubarb (my favorite…well at least tied with peach) 100% celebration pie.

She is so amazing.


time away from the interwebs

January 27, 2008

wow, this week has flown by. luckily for me, work has been pretty hectic at times and that’s good for making the day fly by.

this past wednesday, i invited Dev over to have “family night” with us. i whipped up some vegetarian garbage plates, something that i really miss about upstate NY. don’t know what one is? check it out here.

not too shabby.

friday night, i stopped into Ritual since Dev was closing. she surprised me with a book:

what a gorgeous book.

As stated in a NY Times article,” This is much more than a graphic novel: it is more like a silent film on paper. ” so true. feels like a 500 page graphic novel.

i couldn’t put it down and finished before Dev was done with her shift.

i think these next two days off will involve working on more drawings and checking out the Railway Museum.


adventure at the albany bulb – (picture heavy post)

October 18, 2007

well, it didn’t rain today which meant we went to the Albany Bulb rather than taking the F to see sealions. basically, the albany bulb is a bayfill / land fill. only in california would a pile of debris look gorgeous.

it was definitely worth the wait.

there was a part that was bascially a tide pool. i got to check out barnacles and crabs in person. pretty cool for mid-october.

i found a pretty good explaination of the bulb here if you’d like to read up on the history. and you should.

i don’t feel like updating too much today, because i think i’ll have more to write about tomorrow. so, i’ll just leave you with a picture of the dinner Gabe whipped up last night. chicken with mole sauce. as good as it looks.


just another rainy day off…oh and fancy hat / family night dinner y’all

October 13, 2007

i’m totally stoked that the day ended up as well as it did, i was worried when i woke up to the sound of rain pounding against my window. mind you, rain does not bother me at all; but when my day off revolves around outside activities, i’m bound to become a tad bit nervous.
today was supposed to be an excursion to the Albany Bulb with Dev (i’m not sure what it is and i promised her i would not look it up on wikipedia), but because of the rain we needed to devise another plan. so, we ended up in Berkeley. unbeknownst to us, there is an amazing hat store in Berkeley. i love hats. a lot. fancy hats. fadoras and such. Dev also has a passion for fancy hats, but her attraction is directed more towards church lady hats. the ones with crazy pertrubances and giant feather.

this was not a smart stop for either of us because we were both making excuses for eachother on why it was alright to spend a decent amount of money on a hat. ie:it’ll last a lifetime, it’s a special occasions hat, if you buy a hat than i should also buy a hat, think of all the fancy hat gatherings we can go to now, etc.

so, we both left: my hat on my head and hers in a fancy hat box. it was still rainy / misty and mine is water resistant.

well, now we had to be frugal for the rest of the outting. this was our first stop. so, a trip to the East Bay Vivarium was in order. the biggest reptile/amphibian store in the nation? do you know me at all? and the best part was this was completely Dev’s idea, i didn’t even know the place existed.

there are so many sweet areas, especially industrial areas, that i’ve noticed from the BART on my commute into the City. today, we managed to track down a storage container that i’ve been eyeing since day one:

Dev noticed that there were rhinestones all over the opposing image. genius!:

it looked like the stencil had been BeDazzled!

tonight was my turn to cook for family night / fancy hat night. i whipped up a tasty dish from Martha Stewart’s website. Swiss Chard Ravioli. it’s really really simple and quick. and one can make it while donning a fancy hat:

the key is to eat it while wearing a fancy hat. while it seems as though Mae is not supporting the idea of a fancy hat night, her application of a plastic spider into her hair allowed her to participate purely on points for creativitity.

so tomorrow, it’s back to the grind on literally the busiest day of the year. Litquake is happening. here’s to hoping i can make it out alive or at least at the time i’m scheduled.

i also have been experimenting with a new surface, i’ll putting a picture up at Ant Farm Press.


happy birthdays, meeting with gallery owners, and new tattoos. you know, the same ol same ol.

September 28, 2007

yes, i know i need to update more often. so do you.
we celebrated a birthday this past week. Mae is another year older, but she still hasn’t caught up to Gabe and I.

but, who cares…we had cake.

doesn’t it look like Mae is hording the cake for herself?

today was my day off and i celebrated by getting a tattoo. it’s actually a cover up of a crappy one i got when i was nineteen. Ellie at Body Manipulations on 16th St. did it for me. she’s the same artist that did my Fstick memorial piece on my forearm. when i was waiting for her to finish setting up, i looked through her photos and ran across my own arm in her book. that was weird. i forgot how intense and colorful the birds were when they were first completed.

i really dig it. there’s still more that we’re planning on doing with it, but for now that’s all i can afford.

on the working artist front, i had met up with two gallery owners up the street last week. actually, i had just walked in to check out the work and then asked for information on submission policies. well, one woman checked out my website and wants to see my work in person. we just need to figure out a time when we’re both available. so cross your fingers and i’ll let you know how it goes.

i suppose that’s basically it for this post. Gabe, Mae, a co-worker from Ritual Roasters, and I are going to the movies tonight. the Parkway Speakeasy has beer, pizza, and sofas. have i mentioned how much i love california? it’s seriously a completely different state of mind out here.

UPDATE: We went to see The King of Kong. it was hilarious. go see it if you have a sense of humor.

i’ll leave you with some old polaroids from the ol’ apartment in Ra Cha Cha.