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August 5, 2008

Dev, Gabe and his wife Mae, and i are going to see Dolly Parton tonight. i’m so excited! we’ve been planning on seeing her since our last trip east, but her show in Boston was cancelled when she hurt her back. a few weeks later i saw that she had added more stops on her tour, including the Bay Area.
we picked up tickets for Gabe and Mae for his birthday, since we figured they would probably be hesitant of spending because of the upcoming move.

everything is flying by, really. i think this concert was the mid-point of my “list of important things before the move – including the move”. right? after this there’s just my last day of work (this Friday) and the Engagement Party (this Sunday). then that’s it. time to pack and clean and pack some more.

but, let’s not think about that:


The next big thing…

July 20, 2008

I put my notice in at work this past Friday. “What’s up with that?” you may ask. Well, Dev and I have decided to move. So, in about 3 weeks, we will be leaving for Ithaca, NY. I know, I know. i JUST left NY not too long ago, right? Well, yes, that’s true. Ithaca is the only place where we can afford land for homesteading/ artist residency and where Dev can still continue her career in coffee. We’re so excited!

It just seems like we are counting down our time here with big plans:

July 18 – put in notice at work
July 20 – my 30th birthday party
July 25 – my actual 30th birthday – surprise vacation trip w/ Dev 24th-27th
Aug 5 – Dolly Parton concert at UCBerkeley
Aug 8 – Last day of work
Aug 10 – Engagement party – west coast version
Aug 17 – head out

I know it’s all going to fly by so quickly. We still have so much to get done, but we do have an apartment! We wouldn’t have been able to find a place without Lisa’s help. She’s been a great friend, looking at the apartments for us. The place we got seems perfect. It’s a mile away from one of the Gimme! coffee locations and is on an acre of land surrounded by open space on either side. We are allowed to do whatever to the backyard as long as we are respectful of the other two tenants. I’d really like to put in a fire pit and a clothesline if there isn’t one already. The other couple that lives downstairs, usually puts in a garden, so we may see if they’ll want to increase the size of it next year with our help.

I’m trying to stay stress-free through all of this. I can’t wait until my birthday weekend with Dev, it’s going to be a much needed break from planning everything.


Cubs vs. Giants

July 3, 2008

guess who we were rooting for? man, that was a great game. I’m talking about Wednesday’s 6 – 5 win, not Thursday’s 8-3 loss.


Mundane Photo of the Day…part one

June 11, 2008


getting back into adventure weekends

May 11, 2008

it’s been waaaaaaaay too long since we’ve been able to do an adventure weekend. what with this new job and dev out of state for a week. my schedule has changed to a boring normal M-F gig, while dev is still on her W-Sun one. so, she decided to go into work super early yesterday to roast and i was to meet her in the city after 1ish.

the adventure for the day? well, thanks to our City Walks cards we picked up in Boston, we knew exact the route.

we went the the wave organ, which is down by the marina. it’s everything it soundsl like it would be. so here are some pics:

and finally our album cover for “Two cats and a Banjo”

i’m headed out to get a new tattoo! i’ll show ya as soon as i can.



turning my cats into couch potatoes

May 2, 2008

well, apparently grown-up jobs do little in providing spare time to update one’s blog. really, i should have expected as much right?

i took over the framing position this week. man, it’s crazy. really, that should be in all capitals. C_R_A_Z_Y. i’m having such a great time and i appreciate the time i spent shadowing before Micah left. I have a lot to learn and i’m looking forward to it. Anyway, the job is good. I’ve only had 2 days off in the last 22 days and i’m planning on going in for a few hours tomorrow and Sunday. eh, it’s overtime and Dev’s out of town at the SCAA conference and barista championship in Minneapolis until next Tuesday.

i suppose i should back up a bit. a few weeks ago.

dev’s mom came in for a vist on her way home to Japan. we met her at the airport to help with her luggage. i hope that i can spend more time getting to know her. she’s a really special person. oh! that’s right, there were a lot of family gatherings in the past weeks. dev’s favourite cousin is getting married in october, so they had a champagne toast engagement party. it was really nice. we went with dev’s sister. i’m kind of socially awkward, especially around new people. but, really it was an easy go. i got along with everyone and actually carried on conversations about: the weather, our jobs, and the midwest. it was amazing.

on a different night, we went to dinner with dev’s sister and grandma. they were working on a project together in her grandma’s house. an interior decoration kind of thing. they are both great to hang out with. unfortunately, we went to this place Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley. it’s a vegan and raw food kind of place. i tried it, i really did. and i got SO sick. ugh, i don’t even want to think about it. it was bad.

let’s see, what else is new.

the garden is growing well. our radishes have been enjoyed in salads already, but everything else is still pluggin away. soon soon soon.

my mom sent a dvd to my cats. really, it’s true. it’s brilliant. Biggles doesn’t really notice it too much, but Busta is in complete awe. i played it on my laptop at first ,but then he ended up with his paw on my monitor. today i tried it out on the tv.

that’s all folks. photos of cats and my favorite view of the city on my drive between work and one of the framing companies we use.

i love california.


where have you been all my life?

April 18, 2008

wow, that was a long break between posts. seems like things have been crazy the past week too. Dev and i worked in the garden a bit and replanted some of her jade plants into a hedge. eh, i better just make a list and try to remember what we’ve been up to:

-found a place in Japantown that makes mochi by hand fresh each week.
-took care of a food poisoned Mae
-had a meeting with the top 5 in the company
-got a promotion!!!
-dinner with Dev’s family
-go solo to see Nekromantix at Slim’s

that’s been about it really, not sure why it feels like a lot. i was freaking out for a bit before that meeting at work. i’ve seriously starting thinking about how great it would be to have a job where i can actually start saving up for a downpayment on a house. not for around here. not for a studio condo in the city going for 250K (and that’s the cheapest you can find in the city!). it’s really crazy seeing places around here that would go for 80K in rochester being listed around 800K! i’d like to find someplace to settle down within the next 5 years or so.

anyway, here are some photos and such: