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wow…just wow!

August 6, 2008

The concert was so much fun! 62 years old and still putting on a hell of a show. there were two one hour sets with a break in between and one encore. I’m so glad that we were able to enjoy this concert with Gabe and Mae before the move.

I’ve already been on trying to find clips of the show. this was one of my favorites: (embedding is disabled, so click the link!)

Dolly Parton @ The Greek Theatre UC Berkeley

Dev’s mom, Maiyim, came to town last night. I’m going to try to pick up as much overtime in these next two days as I can, but I hope I can make it over for dinner too. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to visit with her after the move, but hopefully it won’t be too long. We’ll be gearing up for the engagement party (west coast version) this Sunday. A week after that and we’ll be on the road…but let’s not think about that now. There’s still so much packing to do!


bike posse…breakfast in berkeley…and dolly parton look-a-likes

January 21, 2008

okay, let’s see here. i’ve been trying to do a daily post since my memory isn’t that spot on at times. well, i suppose if i forget something, Dev or Lindsay will be kind enough to remind me.


-rode bike to BART
-worked 10 – 6
-met up with Dev on the way to her auntie’s birthday party
-stopped at Borders so she could buy a book
-jumped on BART
-ran into Dev’s roomate Kym on the train
-off at 24th st Mission
-meet up for Ritual Coffee Club Bike Posse (RCCBP)
-there are about 25 of us on bikes with a sound system riding throughout the city
-stop at Edinburgh Castle Pub for a pint
-stop in Dolores Park for dance party on bikes
-Dev meets up with more PBR
-walk to Ritual (Dev doesn’t have her bike)
-peebreak/ pick up Ritual closers / leave my bike in the back
-head to Booty Basement for a Butt Shaking Contest
-it’s packed and smells like walking into someone’s mouth/armpit
-change of plans / head to El Rio
-SURPRISE! it’s dolly parton’s birthday. celebrations include 100% dolly jukebox and dolly look-a-likes
-i ask Dev if i’m in heaven
-chill with the crew
-walk with Dev and Sami / walking Sami home
-stop for veggie tacos / burritos
-hail a cab to Glen Park
-phone dies
-crash at Dev’s


-ugh. not. good. at. all.
-Dev leaves for work earlish
-i head to BART (worried bc i don’t have a phone and Lindsay is on her way back)
-walk home from station
-plug in phone
-Lindsay’s back!
-turn around /BART to Berkeley
-vegan brunch at Fellini
-walked UC Berkeley campus – totally want to apply there
-BART to the city
-bus to Mission
-Buffalo exchange (Lindsay didn’t bring her coat)
-Little Otsu
-Community Thrift
-meet Dev at 1/2 price sushi place – gorge ourselves
-J train to Dev’s house
-watch Star Wars
-BART home

sorry about the low-quality pics, my camera decided to die saturday night.


Lindsay in SF day/night #4 – or what was that big surprise??

January 18, 2008

so, you ready to find out what the big deal was? we had told Lindsay to dress up fancy today, that we had a big adventure planned. (but not that same kind of riding the trains adventures that Dev and i usually have)

today was a trip to the big top. yes, we took Lindsay out to see Cirque Du Soleil. we had actually passed the tents on our trip to visit Dev at the gardens previously in the week, but i tried to play it cool.

the show was amazing. really. it was totally worth it, even if some parts weren’t that great, overall the entire show was wonderful. and being that it’s only until town until the end of this month, we figured it’d be worth it to check it out.

(they didn’t allow cameras inside, so these pics are borrowed from a GIS)

i just posted photos of acts we actually saw in the show.

we had a wonderful time, topped off with dinner at Firefly. i can not even explain to you how the food was. i’ve never eaten like that before. it was a perfect night.

let’s see if we even need a list:

-late morning chatting with Mae
-looking up houseboat rentals online
-worked on a painting
-showered / dressed for the day
-BART to embarcadero
-meet Dev on the platform
-MUNI T line to Mission Rock stop
-an hour early to the show
-popcorn and water
-2.5 hours of Cirque Du Soleil
-T line to 23rd st
-bus to Firefly
-walk to J train (heels are killing the ladies by this point)
-J to Civic Center
-BART to 19th St Oakland
-FIND A CAB!! one of 3 cars out in the sleepy town
-home. sleep.

i’m thinking that was the way to cap off Lindsay’s visit to SF. she’ll be back in town on Sunday, but i think we’ll be focused more on the East Bay / Berkeley area.

so until then. it’s another day off for me tomorrow. i’m thinking of checking out what’s new over at the SFMOMA.



Lindsay in SF. day/night #3

January 16, 2008

well, today was a shorter day. yay! we started early, but ended early too. figured we should head back before 9pm in order to see Gabe and Mae before their bedtime. 😉

so let’s see if i can remember what happened:

-two buses to Jack London Square
-ferry from Oakland to SF
-jumped on the T to visit Dev at the Flora Grubb Gardens / Ritual #2
-helped Lindsay pick out baby plants
-T to Embarcadero
-bus to Alamo Square
-walked around Church St and the Castro
-stopped at a weird Dog Boutique so Lin could pick up cupcakes for puppies
-amazing sushi in the Castro, twice the amount at half the price!
-walked back to Market St.
-jumped the F to Fisherman’s Wharf
-showed Lin the similarity between Pier 39/ Wharf area and Canadian Niagara Falls
-Cheeseburger at In n Out (first time since i moved here)
-back on the F to Embarcadero
-BART home
-picked up a Polish beer at Whole Foods
-sad sad American Idol with Gabe and Mae

that’s it. a nice simple day. we spent a lot of time with Dev at the gardens. it was really dead and slow and it was nice to be able to talk with her and help out with dishes before we left for the day in the city.  i noticed that the few pics i’ve posted of her lately made her look grumpy. so, i took a lot of hot barista Devorah photos. 🙂

more photos for you:

tomorrow is the big day. Devorah and i have been planning a HUGE secret day to surprise Lindsay. it should be completely amazing and it’s ALL dev’s idea. you’ll dig the pictures and that’s a promise!

until then…


Lindsay in SF. day/night #2

January 16, 2008

oh my, we really tried to smash it all in to one day today. silly kids, don’t you know any better? nope, we don’t.
what did today look like? let’s see:

-ride BART downtown
-buy weekly MUNI tix
-jump on J train / off at Dolores Park
– coffee at Ritual
-breakfast at Boogaloo’s
-more coffee at Ritual
-stop in Pirate shop (826 Valencia)
-bus to Golden Gate Park to see the Bison
-walk to Ocean Beach
-walk to Sutro Baths
-stop at cute diner for coffee
-bus to Golden Gate Bridge
-partial walk over the bridge
-bus to Toranado for fancy beer
-sausages next door at Rosemunde (eaten with beer in Toranado)
-walk to the Castro
-stop in a bar in the Castro
-walk the City
-stop in Aardvark books (buy too many books….per usual)
-walk more
-hop F train to Embarcadero
-find Louise Bourgeois’ spider (pose with said spider)
-realize we are all tired
-ride F train to Embarcadero
– BART home to Oakland
-update my blog

can you believe it? we were quite fortunate to have Devorah as a co-tour guide. today was made possible by the letter D and her pocket sized SF bus map. cheers to great navigators! tomorrow, we’ll be on our own. so, i’m thinking the day will consist of more coffee, less walking, and sushi for dinner.

and for those of you that made it this far down the page, here’s the day in photographs:


Lindsay in SF. night #1

January 15, 2008

so, Lin is in town. her flight landed close to 50 minutes early, who does that? Dev met us out for vegan chinese (did you know there was such a thing? it’s pretty damn near amazing) and we all headed across the street for beers at Gestalt. it was a beautiful night, nice an warmish. and we are pretty much sure of how the plan for tomorrow is going to go. Dev has the day off, so we are going to meet her at Ritual and then cross the street for breakfast. yes.